2017 and beyond…

Well, this has been a dumpster fire of a year, hasn’t it?

For a lot of us, it’s been 12 months filled to the brim with grief and outrage. At government. At Hollywood. At family, friends, and neighbors who you thought were fundamentally different people than they turned out to be. (I’m a tiny blue dot in a YUGE scarlet sea…?)

To top a crap year off, my beloved perpetual giant puppy dog died last week. Two days before my daughters birthday, and 5 days before Christmas. My heart hurts.

I’m ready for 2017 to die in the fire it started in, you?

I love you, Hawke
Goodbye big guy ?

Year in Review

Cards on the table? 2017 is my second very unsuccessful year in a row.

Let me start with a little backstory. Last year started with two of my friends dying of cancer within days of each other. They were both way too young to die and it hit me hard.

In May, I ended up in the hospital in the worst pain of my life and after a very scary night and abdominal surgery, I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. But, they missed it’s evil twin interstitial cystitis so I spent the rest of last year in debilitating pain that followed me into this year. I’m doing better now.

My brother, who I had previously been very close to, completely cut me out of his life last Thanksgiving and hasn’t spoken to me since. It was an incredibly bad year, personally, and that translated directly to my business.

The only thing that got me through 2016 with any sanity was falling in love with a longtime friend and marrying him on 12/14/16.

Throughout all of that, I was trying and FAILING to launch a WordPress theme shop. I made a ton of mistakes, the biggest one being not releasing updates quick enough. I’m the odd designer that loves to code so it felt like a brilliant idea when I planned it, but I just couldn’t do it all.

I couldn’t be Designer, Developer, QA Specialist, CEO, and Digital Marketer. Not last year at least. It was too many hats and the only hat I wanted to wear at that point was Lays in Bed All Day.

That depression followed me into this year. I’ve struggled with depression my entire life, but this time took quite awhile to get through. My head cleared enough to allow the fact that my business had failed to actually sink in. This summer, I closed up shop and moved back to The Fanciful to go back to working 1:1 with clients.

Unfortunately, I basically have had to start over from square one in running a business and building an audience, so I haven’t had much financial success this year either.

I have big goals for 2018 though, and with as much trial and error as I’ve waded through lately, I actually have high hopes (and more importantly PLANS) for completing those goals. Here’s my secret though: I purposely set them kinda low and didn’t make a very large amount of goals. I need some easy wins, guys.

Goals for 2018

  • Sign 1 new client each month.
  • Launch The Fanciful Guild.
  • Finish adding “spells” (ie: design + dev freebies) to the Grimoire.

Here’s to the new year, everyone. ♥️

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