Master the magic behind running a successful service-based business

The Fanciful Academy for Creative Entrepreneurs was founded in 2019 by Natasha Cozad to help creative service providers add value to their offerings so they can confidently charge what they’re worth and build the career of their dreams.

Common issues for designers and other service professionals are undercharging because they don’t know their worth or the worth of their services, and not knowing how to charge the right price or how to serve clients with premium service for premium prices. These issues affect the entire industry, driving prices down for everyone. 

A high-quality brand and well-designed and developed web site is a valuable investment, and there are clients out there that know that who will happily pay your higher fees for a job well done.

By following the courses and materials inside you’ll solve tech problems like how to make WordPress as easy as Squarespace and other drag and drop builders, how to craft a memorable brand, and how to simplify the creative process using systems & automation.

Stage 1
  • Website Noob Mini-Course
  • Content Builder Workbook
Stage 2
  • Weekend WP Course
  • Brandcraft Workbook
Stage 3
  • Advanced WP Course
  • Shopkeeper Course
Stage 4
  • Client Love Course
  • Systems & Automation Course
  • Designer Business Hub

The Fanciful Roadmap

Find out what’s already out, and what’s coming soon from The Fanciful Academy.


In Progress

  • partly-cloudy Weekend WP Course
  • partly-cloudy Brandcraft Course
  • partly-cloudy Color Theory Course
  • partly-cloudy The Fanciful Guild
  • partly-cloudy Grimoire


  • cloudy Trello Business Hub
  • cloudy Systems & Automation Course
  • cloudy Advanced WP Course

Mission Statement

The Fanciful Academy is dedicated to the creativity, growth, and success of womxn in the design & tech industries.

What could you do with access to decades of experience?

Natasha Cozad is a web designer & developer with 20 years of experience creating cohesive brands and websites. She lives in the midwest with her viking husband, sweet+surly teen, adorable wee babe, and a tiny warrior-wannabe doggo.

She built her first website in 1998 when she was 13 years old and transitioned those years of learning and practice into a career that has allowed her to constantly learn, grow, and help other people find their path as entrepreneurs.

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