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2 backups is 1 backup, and 1 backup is no backup

This is so important, seriously, keep multiple backups. Keep backup copies of your database! Keep backup copies of your files! BACKUP EVERYTHING! OFTEN! (I'm not yelling, just stressing how important it is. 😘) Backing up your WordPress site The most important WordPress files, by that I mean the ones that are unique to your site, all reside in the wp-content directory. You can compress and download this folder from your host dashboard or via FTP, or…

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Tips for DIY Designing your site so that people want to come back

Content is totally king, but your content won't mean much if nobody can read it. A good balance of white space, color, and typography work together to make your content easy to digest.When designing for the web you need to account for the vast array of devices that will be accessing your website, from laptops to phones. Web design isn't about how unique you can be with your application of color and font, but about how…

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What to know before buying your domain and hosting

My parents bought me my first domain in 1998, which was a pretty big deal since I was a poor kid who barely had internet and buying a domain at that point cost around $60. It put me on a path of lifelong learning and love for making the internet pretty, so I guess it was a good investment. Thankfully, it's much easier (and way cheaper) to get online now. Domain names I like to buy…

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What’s going on here?

It's weird closing up shop and quitting your own business. And by weird, I mean shitty. It's really shitty facing the fact that you poured hours and hours (and hours, and hours...) of work into something that has failed. I guess it's also liberating and cathartic...but mostly it just sucks. So, what happened? I wanted to help all the creatives! At once! But, I failed... so very hard. I was overwhelmed, and in what felt like…

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