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Sword & Shield

$99.00 / month

Does updating your WordPress site make you nervous? You’re way too busy to deal with anything that might go wrong when you push the update button, but you know that ignoring that button is basically inviting hackers in for coffee.

Sword & Shield is a monthly subscription for WordPress site management so that you can relax and run your business without dealing with the tech stuff that goes into owning a website.

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Your website will be hardened so you can rest easy knowing your site has extra defenses against the bad guys.



We'll take care of testing and updating your site so you never have to worry about a broken site again.



We'll make a backup of your database and files everyday and keep them safe in the cloud.

Does your website need someone to keep watch over it?

You need your site to work automatically, and you need someone who has your back when something goes wrong. We'll make sure your site stays secure and updated, and fix any issues that an update may cause without your visitors ever knowing the difference. 

Your site will be safe and secure and we'll make sure it stays updated and in top shape so you can focus on running your business instead of dealing with the tech stuff.

No more stressing about what might break when you update.

  • Site Security Monitoring
  • Core Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Daily File & Database Backup
  • 1 hour of monthly support
  • Access to The Fanciful Guild community - coming soon!

Monthly Support

Each month you'll also have access to an hour of 1:1 website support for any other problems or questions you might have about your site. 

What could you do with an hour a month of 20 years of website experience at your disposal? 

$ 199 Monthly
  • Site Security Monitoring
  • Core Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Daily File & Database Backup
  • 1 Hour of Monthly Support


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